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Crafted with Tradition, Savored with Love

Each cup is meticulously prepared following time-honoured techniques, ensuring an authentic and richly flavored chai experience. Our dedication to tradition ensures that every ingredient is carefully sourced and blended to perfection, capturing the true essence of chai.

Customer Reviews

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Mixala is exceptional! Their teas are top-notch, with amazing flavours and quality ingredients. Absolutely loving the Rose Chai and tastes great with and without milk. Plus, the packaging is beautiful. Highly recommend to any tea lover!

Brotati Veraitch
Delightful mixala chai!

It is delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed my mixala chai, a lovely blend of spices! I also love the tea bags which have been designed beautifully, making me feel like it is a special moment. The Rose chai has an amazing taste that makes me instantly think of India and makes me happy at the end of a long day! As a chemistry teacher I enjoyed it even more as the tea bags are biodegradable. I shall be showing the tea bags to my pupils too. I will be ordering more of Rose chai. Thank you! 😊

Heavenly combination!

A very soothing cup of tea, the aromatics of the spices and delicate flavour of rose are blended to perfection!

Simran Nandra

Best tea blend I’ve tried, such a nice blend of flavours!!