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About Us

Mixala is more than just a tea brand. It's a story of love, family, and the joy of mixing flavours to create something special. 

We’re Amit and Jaspreet, a husband and wife team, and we started Mixala because of our love for tea, especially Masala Chai. We come from British, Indian, and Tanzanian backgrounds and want to share our love for these rich cultures and flavours with the world.

Our journey evolved from our simple love for Masala Chai and a wish to mix it with bold and rich flavours. We’re passionate about bringing people together and creating moments to cherish over a great cup of tea.

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We've got four unique flavours that mix the spicy taste of masala chai with other luxurious flavours to make something exciting.

Each is a new take on the traditional masala chai, adding a twist that makes your tea time more special.

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Our Flavours

Toffee Mint

A sweet and refreshing mix. It's your cosy pick-me-up.


Chocolate and chai combine for a rich, indulgent treat


Delicate rose meets spicy chai for a relaxing cup.

Italian Biscuit

Sweet biscuit and marzipan blend with spicy chai. Perfect on its own or with a cookie.

What Makes Us Different

Mixala is here to change how you think about tea. With our unique flavours, we invite you to try something new and exciting. Like our family, our teas are a mix of tradition and adventure. We're proud of where we come from and want to share that with you through every cup of tea.

Join Us

Join us in this journey of taste and tradition with Mixala. Every cup is an invitation to try something new, to enjoy a moment of relaxation, and to share stories.